Between 1989 and 1994 Ryszard Grygiel and I excavated a very large Neolithic settlement at Osłonki, about 10 kilometers west of Brześć Kujawski.  Aerial photography in 2004 revealed more longhouses to the east of our excavated area, for example, so the settlement continues further.    Thus before 1985, no one had any idea that there were any sites here at all, despite repeated survey for decades.    Now 20 years later, we have revealed a substantial Neolithic community,  paralleled by the similar settlement cell 10 kilometers east at Brześć Kujawski, to which more sites are added every few years.

These Lengyel settlements exhibit all the qualities of long-term commitments to particular locations, even if the houses may have been intermittently demolished, rebuilt, or abandoned.    Both Osłonki and Brześć Kujawski show signs of major fires and subsequent rebuilding.   At Osłonki, a fortification ditch was constructed after one such episode.    The occupation of this region by the Brześć Kujawski Group lasted up to several centuries, ending about 4100/4000 B.C.  

Beginning in 1995, my colleague Ryszard Grygiel excavated several more sites on the north side of the basins at Konary and Miechowice, discovering yet more longhouses and burials, albeit perhaps with a somewhat lower intensity of settlement.   


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