Polish Heritage

Peter Bogucki is an American of Polish descent.    His paternal grandfather emigrated to the United States in the 1890s from Witkowo near Poznań with the rest of his immediate relatives.    His maternal grandparents emigrated to Philadelphia in 1907 from Łęczyca in central Poland, returned to Poland to live in Grudziądz in 1919, and then came back to the United States in 1926.  His parents lived in the Bridesburg and Port Richmond neighborhoods of Philadelphia before moving to Torresdale after they were married.   Bogucki has a strong connection to his Polish heritage.  He first traveled to Poland as a child, and then as a college student he participated in the summer school of the Kościuszko Foundation at the Jagiellonian University, before making the Kuyavia region the focus of his archaeological investigations of early farming communities in central Europe.

Bogucki continues to use the Polish pronunciation of his name.   Try bow-good'-ski  or bo-goot'-zki to say it.  Hint: "Bogucki" does not rhyme with "Kentucky". 


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