Why is an Archaeologist a Dean in an Engineering School?

Peter Bogucki is often asked, "how did an archaeologist come to be a dean in an engineering school?"   Here is the short answer:   Bogucki was called to Princeton to be the director of studies of Princeton Inn College, which then became Forbes College.   While serving in this capacity, he acquired an executive understanding of the Princeton engineering curriculum.    This does not require him to know how to solve a differential equation, only to understand how a course in differential equations fits into the program of study.   Since both archaeology and engineering deal with the physical consequences of human decisions and choices, the two disciplines are not very far apart intellectually.    The School of Engineering and Applied Science has a history of appointing non-engineers to this position.    Bogucki's predecessor, Harold Y. McCulloch, Jr., was a Classics scholar.    The School of Engineering and Applied Science has kindly encouraged Bogucki's active scholarly practice in archaeology as well as being particularly supportive of the connections between engineering and the liberal arts.


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